Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM; After-Hour Appointments Available

Donkey in Training Course

Horse Agility Training

Learn what horse agility is and how it deepens your connection with your horse.   Beginning horse agility starts online with a loose rope and advances to liberty and then can lead to bridleless riding.   

Strength and Balance Training

Learn a series of exercises to help your horse become stronger, balanced and supple.  Once your horse learns what is being asked, again it will be time to "Let for of the rope" and practice these exercises at liberty hence allowing your horse to learn his/her balance without a rider's interference.

Rhythm and Relaxation

Without relaxation your horse cannot be a good learner.  This course will explore why becoming aware of rhythm and relaxation is so important.  


Form a connection with a horse and communicate without force.  In this workshop we learn to connect with our horses thorugh body language without using treats or any other devices.

Horse Under Curtains